Medical Translation

Medical translators need cutting edge technical knowledge and the translation of medical documents carries with it a huge responsibility. That is why we employ professionals. This is an area of translation where complete understanding of medical terms, familiarity with the processes involved and an eye for accuracy are essential. 

Linguists chosen for these demanding projects must have a solid grounding in medical translation in both education and industry experience. Our medical translators make sure the translation style and the medical and pharmaceutical terminology is appropriate for the target group. 

When dealing with critical health information there is no room for complacency or inaccuracy. 

Medical Translation Examples 
Medical information catalogues and leaflets, Psychiatric reports, Pharmaceutical information, Patient information and history records, Clinical study reports, Instruction manuals, Patent application, Medical charts, Hospital discharge summaries, General regulatory documents, Product specifications, Marketing material, Equipment manuals, Software, Scientific papers, Manuscripts, Medical transcriptions, and many more… 

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