Technical Translation

Technical translation is a complex field. In the global marketplace technical information about products, services or research needs to be accurately conveyed to users, providers and colleagues around the world. 

ADLTC offer both general and industry specific technical translation services. Our project managers take time to understand the nature of your project and make sure that we assign linguists with the right skills and understanding necessary to translate your technical documents. 

In order to translate technical documents linguists must have a proven track record in the field. 

For most projects we prepare glossaries to ensure consistency of technical terminology both within the project and in subsequent work. After completion your translation will be proof-read twice by a specialist linguist in order to check terminology, grammar, style, consistency, ease of comprehension, spelling and punctuation, completeness and conformance with source text, layout etc. 

Technical Translation Examples: User guides, Training manuals, Plant and machinery, Installation procedures, Datasheets, Maintenance manuals, Patents, Product catalogues, Newsletters, Promotional brochures and sales literature, Press releases, Scientific reports, Multimedia presentations, Proposals, Software, Websites and many more... 

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